Interop 2012 – Is This the End of Physical Appliances?

Jim Metzler hosted a session with Riverbed Chief Scientist Mark Day and Certeon CTO Donato Buccella that raised the question:  Is there any longer a need for physical appliances? 

From my point of view here are the key points:

“The need for a dedicated physical appliance to handle WAN optimization tasks, in many cases, is a thing of the past … “

“We don’t have any use cases where we found that you absolutely need to have a physical appliance,” said Certeon CTO Donato Buccella.

“.. institutional culture …. contribute(s) to the continued need for WAN optimization appliances in a physical form.” said Riverbed Chief Scientist Mark Day

Day conceded that “the trend here is very much in favor of the value being in software.” However, he added, this fact on its own doesn’t mean that hardware is going away.

In the end, of course, the dominant model going forward will be the one that customers are most comfortable with.

Read Jon Gold’s complete coverage in Network World and follow him on Twitter at @NWWJonGold

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